The Marcus L. Rowland White Dwarf Index

Nineteen scenarios, twenty six articles, nine different roleplaying games, one man: Marcus L Rowland.

To coincide with The Grognard Files podcast interview with the man himself (Episode 49), here’s an index of all his many contributions to White Dwarf during its RPG hey day. (I’ve not included his many reviews in Open Box; those are all listed here.)

He could seemingly turn his hand to just about anything. Whether it was investigating the machinations of Cthulhu cultists, righting wrongs while dressed in spandex, or busting perps on the mean streets of Mega-City One, his contributions to White Dwarf always featured a great mix of action, intrigue and humour.

So, dig out the old issues, and find your favourites from the list below. You won’t be disappointed.

24DetectivesAD&D character class for budding Miss Marples and Philip Marlowes.
26The Dungeon Master’s Guide to the GalaxySpace travel, AD&D-style.
27The Dungeon at the End of the UniverseOther spaceships? Shoot ’em out of the sky! AD&D space combat.
28Operation CounterstrikeWar of the Worlds-inspired AD&D scenario. Bring a magnifying glass.
29This Is, Of Course, ImpossibleTime travel in AD&D.
32Slower Than Light ShipsWho needs FTL travel in Traveller?
35Green HorizonTraveller scenario pitting space marsupials against the Nazis.
36Sector and StarburstTraveller programs for the ZX81. For you to type in!
37BloodsuckersVampire ecology in AD&D.
39SlaygroundSuperhero shenanigans at the funfair in this scenario for Champions.
40The Eagle HuntInfiltrate an assassins’ guild HQ in this AD&D scenario.
41Assignment: Freeway DeathrideWhite Dwarf’s one-and-only Car Wars scenario.
42-43Cthulhu Now!Call of Cthulhu brought into the brave new world of the 1980s.
42Careers in TravellerMore ZX81 code for your delectation.
44On ICEDodgy dealings with an interstellar charter organisation for Traveller.
45Stop, Thief!!The ideal thieves’ toolkit for AD&D.
48DatabaseEverything you wanted to know about computers in Traveller, but were too afraid to ask.
50Have Computer, Will TravelStill got your ZX81? Here’s a Traveller vehicle design program just for you.
52-55The Name of the GameA comprehensive introduction to the RPG scene of the 1980s.
55The Edge of InfinityVariant universes in Traveller.
58StrikebackSuperheroes time travel back to the Victorian era in this scenario for Champions / Golden Heroes.
59A Matter of FaithCults / ideologies for ‘modern day’ games.
60Boarding StationsPrivateers in Science Fiction RPGs.
63Draw the Blinds on YesterdayModern day Call of Cthulhu scenario – a passenger plane disappears. Where are we now?
64StarfallStar Trek scenario; highly illogical goings on in the Federation colonies.
69The Surrey Enigma1920s Call of Cthulhu scenario in England’s green and pleasant land.
70The Price is Right1920s British prices for Call of Cthulhu.
71Tower TroubleSky-high heist in this scenario for Traveller.
72Fear of FlyingCall of Cthulhu scenario aboard a 1920s airliner.
76You’re Booked!Budgeting and accountancy (!) in the Judge Dredd RPG.
77The Cars That Ate SanityCan’t we go any faster? Car chase rules for Call of Cthulhu.
78The Spungg Ones!Mayhem-filled Judge Dredd scenario.
83And Then Everything Went Black…Knock-out fist fights in Call of Cthulhu.
84The ExaminationChristmas fun with the Miskatonic University RPG exam. Show your workings.
86Curse of the BoneModern-day London is the backdrop for this toothsome Call of Cthulhu scenario.
86The Trouble with TimeTime travel in the Judge Dredd RPG.
87With a Pinch of SaltZombies in Call of Cthulhu.
88The Paddington HorrorMore zombies in this Call of Cthulhu scenario.
89Do Troubleshooters Dream of Electric Sheep?Pastoral bliss in this Paranoia scenario.
90Green and Pleasant LanguageBritish idioms and dialect for Call of Cthulhu.
91Little Lost WarbotAnother Paranoia scenario, now with added Mexican daleks.
92Thrice Upon a Time in Mega-City OneScenario outlines for Judge Dredd.
93All the Lonely PeopleMemorable NPCs for Judge Dredd.
94-96To Live and Die in Mega-City OneEpic scenario for Judge Dredd.

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