Hacking White Dwarf: The Sunfire’s Heart

56-cover  57-cover

Keehar, one of the presenters of the old Dissecting Worlds podcast, has been running old White Dwarf adventures using David Black’s ‘The Black Hack’; check out his and his players’ thoughts on the two-part epic The Sunfire’s Heart here: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/the-sunfires-heart-white-dwarf-56-57-spoilers/.

Just goes to show, even after 36 years, White Dwarf remains the RPG magazine that keeps on giving.

As an aside, when I came out of The Deep Freeze a few years ago and got back into RPGs, it was a game of Gangbusters GMed by Keehar at Grogmeet 2016 that persuaded me to have a go at GMing again myself. It was a really enjoyable game, and he made it all seem like a lot of fun.

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