Top 10 White Dwarf Covers of the 1980s

I couldn’t resist. Ben McVay on Film Goblin posted his top 10 Dragon covers of the 1980s. So, here’s my pick of the top 10 covers of White Dwarf magazine from that decade; dare I say it, a more eclectic and idiosyncratic mix than those of its US contemporary.

My list is in chronological, rather than any kind of preference, order. And I’m bound to have missed out your favourites; let me know where I went wrong in the comments. Enjoy.

White Dwarf 19 (June / July 1980) – Les Edwards


White Dwarf 26 (Aug / Sept 1981) – Iain McCaig


White Dwarf 32 (Aug 1982) – Jim Burns


White Dwarf 42 (June 1983) – John Blanche


White Dwarf 46 (Oct 1983) – Gary Mayes


White Dwarf 57 (Sept 1984) – Tweddell


White Dwarf 60 (Dec 1984) – Chris Achilleos


White Dwarf 72 (Dec 1985) – Lee Gibbons


White Dwarf 78 (June 1986) – Chris Achilleos


White Dwarf 79 (July 1986)Amazonia Gothique, John Blanche


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