The Collected @dailydwarf – a Thank You

If you’re a listener to The Grognard Files podcast (and if not, why not?!), you’ll know that Dirk the Dice is kind enough to read out my ramblings about the RPG heyday of White Dwarf magazine.

Well, with the recent publication of The Grognard Files ‘zine, Dirk’s generosity went one step further; he also released ‘The Collected @dailydwarf’ supplement, compiling a number of those early contributions: a Black Sun-style insert to the main ‘zine. The layout and production quality are excellent, so I’d like to offer a big thank you to Dirk and Ed.

There’s another thank you I need to make though, and that’s to Marc Laming.


Marc produced a simply stunning cover for ‘The Collected @dailydwarf’ – every time I look at it, I’m blown away. It’s just beautifully composed – cool, clear lines, with the monochrome evoking the illustrations from White Dwarf’s past. I think the angle by which you view the composition – looking up, from one side – is particularly clever. It means that, even though he’s a dwarf, you’re still looking up to him. And because you’re viewing from the side, there’s an implication that there are more defeated monsters just out of shot. Put simply, this is one bad-ass dwarf. (Would you mess with someone who can defeat broo, beholders, clakars, homicidal vargrs – not to mention Cthulhu himself?)

It’s a privilege to have such a great cover on my meanderings – thank you Marc!


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