The Lew Pulsipher Index


As you probably know, over the last few months The Grognard Files podcast has been looking at Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (go here for all that Bolton-flavoured goodness: In my contributions I mentioned a couple of times the influence of Dr. Lew Pulsipher’s articles for AD&D in the pages of White Dwarf. Anyway, I thought I’d list them all here, for your reading pleasure. (I should note that this list doesn’t include some smaller contributions, such as reviews in Open Box and entries in the Treasure Chest column.)

Thanks for all the great content Lew!

Issue Article Notes
1, 3-5 D&D Campaigns Lew was there at the very beginning, with a series on the philosophy and mechanics of D&D campaigns.
2 The Green Planet Trilogy (review) An extended review of three linked wargames.
5 Chivalry & Sorcery (review) A review of FGU’s early classic RPG.
6 A Place in the Wilderness Beasts from Jack Vance’s The Dragon Masters for D&D.
11 A Bar-Room Brawl The original bar-room brawl – yes, Lew started it!
12 Useful Dungeon Equipment Essential items for the adventurer’s backpack.
16 Chronicle Monsters Stephen Donaldson’s Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, D&D style.
17 My Life as a Werebear Monster character classes.
19 Wards Magical barriers for D&D.
22 What the Numbers Mean Making sense of character statistics.
23-27 An Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons Does exactly what it says on the tin – a very useful introduction.
31 Arms at the Ready Weapons-based combination combat tables (we all love a good table, don’t we?).
33 Brevet Rank for Low-Level Characters How to play all the high-level TSR modules when you only have a 2nd level fighter.
34-36 A Guide to Dungeonmastering Quality DMing advice.
35 The Necromancer A truly memorable character class; I enthuse at length here:
37 D&D Scenarios Ideas for adventures.
38 Khazad Dûm Tolkien’s Moria as an introductory AD&D scenario:
39 A Day in the Life of a Monster Monstrous behaviour.
42 Castles in the Air Why dungeons exist.
43 Magimart Buying and selling magic items. ‘Ere, wanna buy some +2 swords mate?
44 True Sight Realism in D&D(!).
46 Lew’s Views:
The Wizard’s Library
Lew gets his very own column; the first looks at non-fiction sources for RPG ideas.
48 Lew’s Views:
By the Gods!
A look at magic and gods in battle.
50 Lew’s Views:
Going Up
Levelling-up advice.
53 Lew’s Views:
Sign Here Please…
Demons, devils and wardpacts.
57 Lew’s Views:
The Life of a Retired Wizard
The wizard himself retires from White Dwarf by looking at, err, what wizards do when they retire.

6 thoughts on “The Lew Pulsipher Index

  1. I was listening to an American RPG D&D podcast that prides itself on being old school, and I was shocked that these gentlemen had not heard of Lewis Pulsipher. Was he more well known in Britain? I always thought Mr. Pulsipher’s name sounded a little devilish. Perhaps the homophonic similarity to “sulphur”.

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    1. Interesting. I never read the Dragon much back in the day, but given his frequent articles in White Dwarf, I’d have assumed Lew Pulsipher also wrote regularly in the Dragon. Maybe that wasn’t the case?

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