The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Final Result!


The final result:

The Black Broo of Dyskund 1 5 Curse of the Bone

So, as Marcus L Rowland and his pack of slavering ghouls parade the trophy in front of the crowd of cheering grognards, we join the Hinge and Bracket of RPG scenario commentary, Brian L Rowland and ‘Big’ Ron Livingstone, one last time.

“A great final there Ron, worthy of the competition.”

“Absolutely Brian. Curse of the Bone got that all-important early lead, and just played an absolute blinder. The Broo have looked strong throughout the tournament, and were worthy finalists, but those ghouls today, they were just unplayable.”

“And your thoughts on the competition as a whole?”

“Loved it! Some great battles, and a few surprises along the way. That’s the magic of the White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam, Brian – no doubt about that!”

“Well, thanks for all the clichés Ron. Same time next year?”

“I’ll be there! So Brian. Marcus L Rowland – is he a relation of yours?”

“Never mind that Ron. I’ve got this used car you might like to buy…”


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