The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Semi-Final Results!


Here is the classified check:

An Alien Werewolf in London 2 4 Curse of the Bone
The Mad Dwarf 0 5 The Black Broo of Dyskund

To review the semi-finals: who else but the Statler and Waldorf of scenario punditry – Brian L Rowland and ‘Big’ Ron Livingstone.

“So Ron, after some very close battles in the previous rounds, both semi-finals were pretty clear cut.”

“The Bone crew played an absolute blinder. The Vargr boy, on his day he’s unplayable, but all that time-travelling homicidal mayhem must have taken its toll. He just couldn’t last the pace.”

“And the other semi?”

“Listen, the Mad Dwarf has been the star of this tournament. He’s taken on all-comers, he’s proved he can hack it on a wet night in Glorantha, he looked unstoppable. But ultimately, playing solo is tough, and those Broo, well… *chuckles* oh those Broo!”

“And so, here we are at the final. The Curse of the Bone takes on The Black Broo of Dyskund.”

“Yeah, it’s Cthulhu Now against Exploding Broo! Ken Rolston versus Marcus L Rowland. Hang on Brian, any relation?”

“Umm. Same time next week then Ron.”


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