The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Semi-Final Draw


We’re down to the final four! Vote! Vote! Vote!

An Alien Werewolf in London Curse of the Bone
The Mad Dwarf The Black Broo of Dyskund

Please show your workings.


5 thoughts on “The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Semi-Final Draw

  1. Taking the second draw, first. It’s a tough one. Both are systems I never really played (actually, in the case of T&T, never played at all). Likewise, both scenarios are from before I really started getting into WD. Having taken a look for the purposes of this competition though, I’m going to go with The Black Broo of Dyskund if only because it’s not a solitaire scenario.

    The first draw is harder though but I’m going to stick with my original choice (the last of those still in the fight): Curse of the Bone. I’m not a big fan of CoC but I did like that this was set in the modern day – something unusual at the time, if memory serves. Alien Werewolf is good but a little too different to make it a top choice Traveller scenario for me.

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  2. I’ve been a champion of Curse of the Bone so far and I’m going to give it a ringing endorsement for this round too. It’s a genuinely creepy adventure. The cards in the glove compartment are great clues with some fabulous red herrings in there too.

    I’m going to give my backing to THE BLACK BROO as it’s a Runequest adventure and I’m always going to biased towards it. The illustrations of the boos are good too!

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  3. Alien Werewolf In London. Perfect genre mashup, classic 80s White Dwarf.

    Black Broo. I played this using AD&D back in the day and had a blast. As dirkmalcom says, the art is outstanding (by Ward and Cosby – same guys who did Caverns of the Snow Witch for Fighting Fantasy). Putting it up against the Mad Dwarf with it’s art by Russ Nicholson is cruel, but it’s the better scenario of the two.

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  4. The first draw is a tough one. Alien werewolf is clever and gives Traveller something of a shot in the arm, pushing the boundaries of the game. However I have fond memories of playing curse of the bone – creepy, subtle and very well put together. Curse of the bone just wins on penalties.

    As for the other draw. The mad dwarf is good and it was always nice to see T&T in WD but the black Broo wins. Runequest was my first RPG and it has to go through.

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  5. I have to agree with Blythy, Curse of the Bone because it’s Cthulhu even though I can’t remember playing it. Black Broo because of the introduction. The description of the Thanatar head giving the “emptiest of silent screams” makes me chuckle and shudder at the same time, art is fantastic too

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