The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Quarter-Final Results!


Here is the classified check:

The Mad Dwarf 4
3 When Mad Gods Laugh
Curse of the Bone 4 2 The Lone and Level Sands
An Alien Werewolf in London 4 3 Troubles at Embertrees
The Black Broo of Dyskund 3*
(Broo go through 5-4 on pens.)
3 Ghost Jackal Kill

Brian L Rowland and ‘Big’ Ron Livingstone chew these results over.

“Well Ron, the #ScenarioSlam threw up some very tasty battles. The ‘Mad’ derby was certainly a tight match.”

“That clash was madder than a Call of Cthulhu investigator at a Great Old Ones reunion party. But that canny Dwarf keeps battling through; he’s got a good engine on him. One swing of that axe in extra time, and those Mad Gods weren’t laughing anymore.”

“And with wins for Curse of the Bone and An Alien Werewolf in London, that’s the last of the scenarios from the AD&D league out.”

“Hmm, ol’ Sepp Gygax won’t be happy about that one. The Vargr lad was the difference in the match with the Embertrees boys. That deranged lupine alien fiend really likes to get in the faces of his opponents; Embertrees just couldn’t live with him.”

“And the last quarter-final: the tightest match of all.”

“There was nothing between these two during the whole battle Brian. I couldn’t call it; no-one could. Penalties is always a bit of a lottery. Admittedly, the Broo striker spontaneously exploding just as Theda Bara took her spot kick was questionable behaviour – I’m surprised the ref let that go.”

“Onward to the semi-finals Ron. Your thoughts?”

“We’ve got four quality scenarios left in the competition, Brian. The semis are going to be brutal. Bring ’em on!”


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