The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Quarter-Final Draw


Just eight scenarios left! Who will be left standing?


The Mad Dwarf When Mad Gods Laugh
Curse of the Bone The Lone and Level Sands
An Alien Werewolf in London Troubles at Embertrees
The Black Broo of Dyskund Ghost Jackal Kill

Please vote responsibly.


5 thoughts on “The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Quarter-Final Draw

  1. At this point, I feel like I should lobby my fellow voters, so this is my rationale for the votes:

    When Mad Gods Laugh – It has to be said that Issue 88 is one of the strongest, and this adventure is hardly noticeable in pages bristling with great content. Although it is shorter and lacks the detail of some of the other Runequest material that appeared in WD, the scenario is delightfully bonkers and almost certainly influenced by CoC that we were all playing at the time. (The episode was heavy with Chainsaw Warrior, whatever happened to that?)

    Curse of the Bone – I’ve been the keeper for this loads of times and each time it seems to veer off into different directions. I think @sjamb headed off all round the country looking for second hand cars!

    Troubles at Embertrees – I have very few happy memories of playing D&D – this one was one of them and the other was The Eagle Hunt (which didn’t even get a nom – maybe next time). The setting is genuinely creepy, even if the pay-off turns out to be a bit pedestrian.

    mmm..mmm … the next battle is difficult … not that I’m taking this far too seriously, but I’ve taken the opportunity to READ these two adventures to help me make a choice …

    Ghost Jackel Kill – It’s great! I don’t think I read it properly back in the day because I would have certainly have run it! I must have read some of it because I remember discussing the ‘shadowing’ skill at length. It’s also got Dashiell Hammett in it!

    I’ve got a feeling that the semi finals are going to get ugly!

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  2. Okay, here goes
    Mad Dwarf, due to it reminding me of the early days and Herbs tattoo
    Curse of the Bone I can’t remember playing it, sorry Dirk, but it’s Cthulhu. Sands was a bit too DnD
    Alien Werewolf, scifi meets Jack the Ripper, no contest
    Now this is a tough one, Black Broo brilliant intro but crazy map.Ghost Jackal great intro to Shadows of the Sorceror by GW, love the noir feel. I think I’ll go for Black Broo because of the Thanatar connection. Which has to be the best cult ever

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  3. For me it’s as follows – when mad gods laugh
    Curse of the bone
    Alien werewolf in London
    The black Broo

    Curse of the bone was one of the first CoC scenarios during which I “got” the nature of the game. Alien werewolf shows brilliantly that Traveller doesn’t have to be all about merchant trading in space and can involve far flung SF ideas. The black Broo has Broos in it! Need I say more – the greatest RPG monsters ever.

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