The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: Second Round Results!


Here is the classified check:

The Lone and Level Sands 4 3 On Ealden Byrgen
Slayground 2 6 Troubles at Embertrees
Ghost Jackal Kill 5
4 The Sable Rose Affair
When Mad Gods Laugh 5 3 Green Horizon
The Black Broo of Dyskund 4 3 Smile Please
Amber to Red 2 5 An Alien Werewolf in London
Curse of the Bone 6 2 The Paddington Horror
The Mad Dwarf 7 1 Heart of the Dark

Once again we join Brian L Rowland and Ron Livingstone to analyse the results.

“Well Ron, that’s the #ScenarioSlam second round completed. Some emphatic wins, and a few surprises too. Your highlights?”

“The Mad Dwarf just gets madder and madder. The Heart of the Dark boys just couldn’t live with him. There were some handbags early doors between the Mad Gods and those Green Horizon lads, but the Gods had the last laugh. See what I did there Brian?”

“Yes, thanks Ron. After a strong first round, the representatives from the Traveller league took a bit of a battering this time round.”

“Absolutely. I don’t think anyone was expecting Amber to Red, The Sable Rose Affair and Smile Please to all go out. What a shocker! I’ve heard the Amber lads took the loss badly. They flew the St Christopher to low orbit and then opened up on the Alien Werewolf team bus with the triple laser turret. Let’s hope the homicidal Vargr can run that off before the next round.”

“Indeed. Could those Black Broo be the surprise package of the competition this year?”

“Beating Smile Please was quite a result for those vile pestilential goatkin. The Smile Please lads just weren’t working as a team. I think there’s trouble on the Silver Wolf; maybe Captain Logad has lost the state room.”

“It was a strong showing by Ghost Jackal Kill putting out The Sable Rose Affair. They’re one to watch I think Ron. What are your thoughts on the all-Cthulhu tie?”

“I expected that to be close, but those zombies from Paddington soon fell apart. Ahahahahaha!”

“Ahem. Yes. Join us soon for the quarter-final draw. Excited Ron?”

“Too right. It’s the greatest scenario competition in the world, Brian.”


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