The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: First Round Results!


Here is the classified check:

The Halls of Tizun Thane 2 4 Slayground
On Ealden Byrgen 5 1 Do Troubleshooters Dream of Electric Sheep
Heart of the Dark 4 2 The Ritual
Troubles at Embertrees 3*
(Embertrees go through 4-2 on pens.)
3 The Lair of the White Wyrm
The Paddington Horror 4 2 The Pilcomayo Project
An Alien Werewolf in London 5 1 A Day in the Life of Sector 255
The Lone and Level Sands 4
3 The Madcap Laughs
Night of Blood 1 4 When Mad Gods Laugh
The Dark Usurper 2 4 Curse of the Bone
The Lichway 0 6 Smile Please
Ghost Jackal Kill 4
3 The Dawn of Unlight
Green Horizon 5 2 The Spunng Ones
Jorthan’s Rescue 0 6 Amber to Red
Operation Counterstrike 1 5 The Mad Dwarf
Things Ancient & Modern 1 4 The Sable Rose Affair
The Black Broo of Dyskund 4 2 The Lair of Maldred the Mighty

To discuss the results, our chief scenario correspondent, Brian L Rowland, is joined by former manager Ron Livingstone.

“So, that’s all the first round ties completed, with comfortable victories for
some of the favourites. Smile Please, Amber to Red, and The Mad Dwarf all eased through with a minimum of fuss. Do you see these as the scenarios to beat Ron?”

“Absolutely Brian, these lads done great. No-one’s going to want to draw your Ambers or your Dwarfs in the next round.”

“A few surprises though too Ron – The Halls of Tizun Thane already out, thanks to a strong performance from Slayground.”

“No-one expects an Albie Fiore outfit to go out early doors, but the Slayground boys played a blinder. Cracking away win.”

“And a couple of real thrillers; The Lone and Level Sands needed extra time to edge past The Madcap Laughs, with Troubles at Embertrees requiring penalties to defeat The Lair of the White Wyrm. Your thoughts Ron?”

“I’ll tell you what, that Sands – Laughs match was a right battle, until the boy Adelmar, Lord of the Vaults of Eternity, Monarch of Demons, popped up with the winner. What a player! And penalties is always a bit of a lottery Brian. But I’m glad the Embertrees lads are still in the competition; I think they’ve got a couple more gears left in the locker.”

“Thanks Ron. Make sure you join us later for the second round draw. I can’t wait!”

“That’s the magic of the #ScenarioSlam, Brian.”


2 thoughts on “The White Dwarf #ScenarioSlam: First Round Results!

  1. Great commentary Mr Dwarf …

    I’m surprised by how well that Traveller has performed, given that there was always a sense that there was a swords and sorcery (S&S) bias to WD back in the day. I think there was an editorial from Ian Livingstone where he confessed that he preferred S&S games over SF games, but that SF films are better than S&S films.

    I think the possible difference is that we PLAYED Traveller and CoC scenarios from White Dwarf, but we READ and stole from the S&S scenarios. I used to prey that there would be great stats blocks for RQ encounters!

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  2. Well remembered; that was Ian Livingstone’s editorial from issue #40. The scenarios (and articles) for Traveller in WD were a cut above anything else available at that time – including the adventures from GDW. They were simply invaluable to neophyte Traveller players and GMs such as myself.


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